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My German book "Wilde Küche" will be published in English March 2012.
The title will be "Cook Wild".


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"Cook Wild"

Gusto, delight, and adventure!
All while cooking on the open fire.

ISBN: 978-3-03800-499-8



Cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors ignites the senses and stirs the fascination with the natural world. It reawakens the
primordial sense of the human experience.

How about a loaf of bread baked over glowing embers, cookies in maple leaves, or salmon cooked on wood planks?

One hundred recipes with many variations - from classic to modern creations. Rustic stone age dishes to eloquent gourmet feasts, 
all ofthe recipes are simple and nourishing, and can be prepared on the fire and enjoyed without fuss. 
With instructions for lighting a fire and many tips on cooking with wild plants, Wild Kitchen has an abundance of fine photos 
to inspire the reader and arouse the spirit of adventure.


"The complete earth medicine handbook"

content: Legends, myths, healing uses
and observation of our medicinal plants

ISBN: 3-89631-390-8



In this beautifully designed book you will find a knowledgeable and distinctive description of the healing properties of native plants.

Word and image act in unison, inspiring us to achieve a deeper relationship with our natural healers, the plants. The book is a guide to recognizing a plant in its natural environment, gathering and storing plants, and correct preparation of powerful remedies. Old and new cures as well as delicious meals made from wild plants are presented. An opportunity to use wholesome herbal powers for vitality, health and longevity.


"The complete aromatherapy handbook"

content: Aromatherapy - healing by scents,
use of aromatic plants
Essences and their effect on body and soul

ISBN: 0-8069-8222-5



Aromatherapy - healing by scents, use of aromatic plants
Essences and their effect on body and soul

260 pages with many pictures and drawings, including two colored
14th edition

English / Sterling
Italian / Tecniche Nuove
Dutch / De Dreihoek
Japanese /Amusuku
English ( for India) / Health Harmony

This is the standard work on aromatherapy.

The author shares own experiences plus the latest results of research in the broad area of aromatherapy as well as her knowledge of traditional uses. As a competent and very experienced therapist she describes healing and psychotherapeutic effects of essential oils. Numerous recipes tell you how to prepare your own remedies; you also find instructions for mixing massage oils, shampoos, scented baths, creams – everything to pamper yourself by fragrance.
The book is beautifully illustrated and merely paging through it presents an enjoyable insight into the realm of herbal scents. 


"The complete Incence handbook"

content: Use, effect and stories
of sweet-smelling incense

ISBN: 0-8069-9987-x

new 09/2002 AT Verlag Aarau



Use, effect and stories of sweet-smelling incense

220 pages, hardcover, 
available also as paperback / Heyne
English / Sterling
Italian / Tecniche nuove
Czech / Volvox Globator
French / Edition du Ganges

In this book we follow the history of smudging from tits roots in the Paleolithic age through the high civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece to its source in the Far East, the Himalayas and Japan.
We also find a chapter dealing with the still active culture of smudging of today’s native North- and South Americans. In twelve chapters you will find detailed descriptions of smudging customs, various substances and their practical uses. Readers can discover previously unpublished recipes for mixing their own – from the very simple to the famous incense of the Egyptian priests.

There are many occasions to use smudge: healing, meditation, rituals, to accompany prayer, the cleansing of rooms and objects, in annual celebrations and ceremonies.
In hectic times, smudging can assist us to slow down and look within. On the psychic level, smudging can calm, harmonize or stimulate.

A result of the author's continuous investigations and experiences, this is the first comprehensive book on incense and smudging.


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