Susanne-Fischer-Rizzi CV

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi was born in 1952 and is an alternative
practitioner by profession. Since early childhood, she was interested
in medicinal plants. After studying philosophy and finishing her
professional education, she was an apprentice of many herbalists in
Germany and abroad.
Her broad interest in medicinal plants, humans, nature, and healing
led her on many journeys in Asia and North America. There she learned
about Ayurvedic, Tibetan, and Native American medicine. From her
teacher, Taoist Gia Fu Feng, she learned about Taoistic philosophy and
it’s ways to connect with nature in a healing way.
Beyond that, she has many years of experience concerning the
traditions of the Wise Women.
In Germany, she is considered the pioneer of aromatherapy.
For more than 30 years, she has shared her abundant knowledge and
experiences in workshops and lectures with people in Germany and
abroad. Currently, she focuses on teaching classes for medicinal
plants, aromatherapy, and wilderness knowledge at her school, ARVEN.
She has published 13 books, many of which have been translated into
several languages.
Susanne Fischer-Rizzi views herself as an apprentice, a messenger of
nature, and as a facilitator between humans and the wilderness. With
her work she wants to help re-establish the ties between humans,
animals, and plants to foster the healing of not only of us, but of
nature as well.

Books published in English:

The Complete Earth Medicine Book
The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook
The Complete Incense Book

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